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wifi setup
How to Setup your Wifi setup - Range Extender?

Wireless Range Extender is a wireless repeater that can be used to boost your existing Wi-Fi coverage for your smart phones, tablets, game consoles and more. This device helps to eliminate dead spots and will work with your existing Wi-Fi devices. Installation is also very easy. Wifi basically recommends using the smart set up wizard on the resource CD for initial configuration or set up In order to login into router. The main problem which most of us using wifi extenders face while opening The first and the most frustrating problem is web browser just keeps on spinning without opening up the page. This can be fixed by removing the cache and temporary files. The other problem is when your login information does not work while entering the username and password which can be fixed by Email the support and giving them your model number and serial number.

Incorrect password/ password forgotten issues

In such scenario you need to make sure that you have connected the extender to router correctly and you are using correct wireless password. If you are sure that you have entered the correct wireless password and still facing same issue, then you need to contact technical support and you need extensive troubleshooting for fixing such kind of issues. Please contact technical support on

Troubleshooting connections problems of Wireless Range Extender.

Strictly follow these procedures step wise and to connect your wifi setup- Range Extender :
1. With the help of a paper clip or tooth pick, press the reset button on the back of the extender for 15 – 20 seconds . Release the button after 20 seconds and then automatically extender will reboot and shows you only a power green light.

2. Connect the range extender to any computer with the help of Ethernet cable.

3. Open a browser on , on the address bar, type or to start the Smart Wizard installation which helps to setup the range extender step wise.
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orbi setup
  • Nighthawk X4 AC2200
  • Nighthawk X4S - AC2600
  • Nighthawk X8 R8500-100INS AC5300 Tri-Band Quad-Stream Wi-Fi Router
  • Nighthawk AC2600 Dual Band 11 AC
  • Nighthawk X4 AC3200
  • Nighthawk X4S DOCSIS
  • Nighthawk AC1900
  • Nighthawk X6 R8000-100PAS
  • Nighthawk Ac2300
  • Nighthawk X6S AC4000
  • Orbi RBK40 AC2200
  • Nighthawk X6 - AC3200
  • RBS50 Orbi Satellite
  • Orbi Pro – AC3000
  • Orbi Router 1-Pack Starter Kit AC3000
  • Orbi Pro AC3000.

It can often be a distress to watch recordings online holding up until it is completely protected can be raw process to be done. It can take any extensive than expected and get to be irritating to customers. To overwhelm such issues, you can now choose to choose for a Wi-Fi booster. With this gadget, the scope of the Wi-Fi symbol is extended and in this manner improved spilling of recordings is permissible to your wireless gadgets. These gadgets are very simple to install and attend regular strategies for use. Plug the gadget into the present switch and it suddenly begins working without much effort on your part. Now it has become easy to connect your home or workplace wireless! Since you don’t have to run cable everywhere you need an internet connection.

Coverage: Extend the range of your current Wi-Fi network and eliminate the deceased zones. Go easily with the wire you attached to that wall plug, now you can drag your tablet into the back yard or another person's office and stay linked.

Expand: With the help of Wi-Fi range extenders and extensions you can increase a wireless from your office to the poolside and even your office crossway over town.

Price: Don’t like running links? A wireless system can be set up with one rationally cost-effective gadget.

wifi Extender Setup

Extender Setup
 Extender Setup